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Here are just a few examples of customers currently using our solutions:



Highways and Highways Assets:

We have become the market standard for Bridge Management software with over 20,000 highway structures being managed in BMX and AMX across the United Kingdom - including Birmingham, Cardiff, Isle of Man and North Ayrshire (Scotland).

For more details, please see our case studies.

Port of Dover


The Port of Dover are a prime example of Asset Management eXpert (AMX) being used to support the successful management of Port structural assets. Dover joined us in 2011

Scottish Canals - Waterways Asset Management

Linear Assets

Scottish Canals have been using AMX since 2012 to successfully manage all their waterway assets including, towpaths, locks, bridges, earth structures, jetties, bins, lighting, etc. They are now expert users of the latest offering ’AMX Mobile’. Please see what they have to say about our solution in the customer testimonials section.



We are proud to have been responsible for the development of the Bridge Asset Management System for the Albanian National Roads Network incorporating a complex GIS interface (European funded project).


AMX worked with the Public Works Department in Cyprus to implement a comprehensive Bridge Management System to manage their structural assets.


The National Bridge Department in Lithuania approached AMX in 2005 to introduce a Bridge Management system for their assets.

Middle East


AMX is well-established across the Middle East, with multiple countries using AMX to manage all highway structures, ranging from Floating Bridges to Fountains.

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