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AMX - Document Management

Document Management

At AMX we understand that asset management is not limited to holding an asset inventory and recording activities, it is more than a simple asset database - Users need to be able to manage resources and documentation too. Organisations need to be able to manage multiple related files, folders, drawings, codes of practice, Invoices and certificates etc. With AMX these files can either be linked to the specific asset they relate to, or in the case of Codes of Practice or User Manuals, they can be stored in the Global Knowledge Base, which can be accessed by all organisation staff.

With AMX you can:

  • Store and link to any associated documents, drawings and images, in any format.
  • Add General documents to a knowledge base for global access throughout the organisation, including within the Mobile solution where required.
  • Add warranties, electrical and structural test certificates etc. to the specific asset record they pertain to for swift access and a complete audit trail.
  • Create and store policy notices in the Global database, to support all users.