Asset Management Software

Natural Environment

Natural environment assets, including everything from channels and flood banks to woodland and verges, need to be periodically monitored, maintained and managed if they are to remain fit for, their sometimes vital, purpose.  

These assets are often critical in safeguarding the public, and as such, the data you have needs to be accurate, detailed, reportable and easily visible to support quick decision making and incident response planning.

AMX can help with everything from the routine inspections to the critical incident response, giving you control of your assets.

AMX can help by:

  • Capturing a comprehensive inventory of your assets, including land owner details, key measurements, primary purpose, condition scores and locatable data attributes for large assets, such as crest levels. 
  • Providing advanced and customisable scheduling tools to support quick and efficient programming of routine actions, recording any resources required and identifying any possible dependencies (i.e. where inspections cannot take place until grass has been cut or landowner permission has been received).
  • Presenting records on a clear and informative map interface for quick identification of assets and key information, which can be colour coded by condition or priority to support quick decision making.
  • Working on mobile handheld devices for accurate and complete records completed quickly on site.  As natural environment assets so often cover large and often remote areas, AMX Mobile can work in offline mode so the teams can view and edit inventory, complete inspection and maintenance, including capturing co-ordinates and images, and then simply synchronise to the main system as soon as internet connectivity is available.
  • Providing all data to customers for extensive reporting and analysis in any format to suit business needs.